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贝恩咨询公司(Bain & Co)14日发布的一份陈述显示,2015年全球豪侈品消费市场将与本年持平,美国和日本市场仍占有主导地位,而中国消费者消费趋在理性,冲击豪侈品市场。贝恩暗示,中国豪侈品市场需求自2011年以来呈现疲软态势,豪侈品消费在中国急速放缓。贝恩的一位研究人员Claudia d'Arpizio称,受中国当局按捺豪侈品消费和中上层阶层消费趋在理性等身分影响,在曩昔的18-24个月间,中国消费者抢购豪侈品热忱降温。报导称,本年中国豪侈品发卖额增幅仅为2%,低在客岁7%的增加率。(中国进出口网清算翻译)u=1856165969,3008240514&fm=11&gp=0u=2874776573,3990314522&fm=23&gp=0A Bain & Co report released on 14th shows that in 2015 the global luxury goods market will be flat with the condition of this year, the US and Japanese markets will be still dominant, while Chinese consumer will tend to be rational, which will blow luxury goods market.Bain said the Chinese luxury goods market had been sluggish in demand since 2011, there was a sharp slowdown in luxury consumption in China. Claudia d'Arpizio, one of the researchers, from Bain & Co said, in the past 18-24 months, the enthusiasm that Chinese consumers bought luxuries cooled down, because Chinese government curbed the luxury consumption and upper middle class tended to be rational.It is reported that this year China's luxury goods sales grow only 2 %, which is below last year's 7% growth. 要害词:中国豪侈品市场